Team & Service

SUOYI is committed to the research and development of advanced chemical materials

Suoyi has a complete R&D, production and service system, and has created a joint development model of service platform (marketing network) + R&D platform (users, universities, research institutes) + production platform (processing base). Suoyi is establishing a comprehensive The global marketing network has established joint R&D cooperative relations with dozens of users, universities and research institutions at home and abroad.

SUOYI is leading custom synthesis service for rare earth advanced materials

SUOYI provides flexible customized synthesis services. According to the user's special physical and chemical parameter requirements, that is, the non-standardized products are customized and synthesized, and the user's technical parameters and commercial data are completely confidential, and a high degree of quality control is implemented for the development process and final testing stage.
SUOYI has multiple laboratories and small-scale and small-scale production lines and large-scale production lines, which can not only serve small-scale experiments and non-industrial-scale users, provide customized requirements for grams and kilograms, but also serve industrial batch users and provide users with Thousands of tons of products.

SUOYI open cooperation platform

Technology & Project Cooperation
Inter-enterprise: Joint development and production of upstream and downstream enterprises in advanced chemical materials, rare earth functional materials, ceramic materials, optical glass and other projects.
Universities, scientific research institutions: Jointly declare and undertake national and local scientific research projects, scientific research institutes achievement conversion, production development and marketing, etc.
Sales Cooperation
Domestic market: Acting on Suoyi's domestic products, services and cooperation by market area or industry.
International market: Acting on the products, services and cooperation of the country and industry where Suoyi is located, according to the country area or industry.

Professional team to serve you

Our team is composed of experienced foreign trade managers and young emerging forces full of youthful vitality. We provide professional training courses for new employees.
Our business department, purchasing department and administrative department will provide you with the best quality service throughout the whole progress.
Our goal is to become the world's leading inorganic chemical advanced materials company, and continue to strive to provide more efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly advanced materials for the progress of human science and technology! Our progress is inseparable from your attention and support, I hope your participation and cooperation, work together, bear and share the glory!