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Name:zirconium dioxide


CAS Accession :No. 1314-23-4

EINECS Accession :No. 215-227-2

Melting point :2700 ℃

Boiling point: 4300 ℃

Appearance:white odorless and tasteless crystals



The yttria stabilized zirconium oxide was produced by wet chemical process which ensures

the stability batch after batch, HNEC Zirconia powder is known for the consistent stability

and quality with strict quality control system ensures which is the key of the product

manufacturing. Zirconia powder is suitable for dry press, CIP mould injection

mould, tape casting etc.




Used for electronic ceramic, structural or biological ceramics, advance refractory

material ,ceramic pigment or glaze, artificial gem, grinding and polishing etc.




1 Small particle diameter, narrow distribution range, activity stable

2. Excellent liquidity and compactness, easy to mold and sinter.

3. BET and Particle size of airflow or granulation one can be controlled on

customer’s request.




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Products processed with SY-CZ series powders which using stable crystal as colorant

have the advantages of good color evenness, good color accuracy and shinning like

natural jewel,also with the characteristic of wide sintering range, high strength,high

hardness, good electromagnetic and no pinholes defects.


For our ZMA powders, alumina powder uniformly dispersed in zirconia matrix, provide the

sintered body with decreased with decreased transparency and specific gravity without

reduce the excellent strength of zirconia. The product processed with this powders have

the characteristic of no pinhole,easily grinding and shinning like natural jewel 

after polishing.    


Both series powders can be customized with binder and feedstock applied for dry-

press, isostatic press,injection and tape casting. It is idea raw materials for smart wearable

ceramic product and ceramic shell for phones.



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