SY yttrium stabilized zirconia powder 5Y used for dental block CAS 1314-23-4 EINECS 215-227-2

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product description:   Name:zirconium dioxide   formula:ZrO2   CAS Accession :No. 1314-23-4   EINECS Accession :No. 215-227-2   Melting point :2700 ℃   Boiling point: 4300 ℃   Appearance:white odorless and tasteless crystals   Type:5Y   The yttria stabilized zirconium oxide was produced by wet chemical process which ensures the stability batch after batch, HNEC Zirconia powder is known for the consistent stability and quality with strict quality control system ensures which is the key of the product manufacturing. Zirconia powder is suitable for dry press, CIP mould injection mould, tape casting etc. 包装图

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