1. Newegg Group and Yixing Logistics signed a cooperation agreement

According to news on May 19, the North American cross-border e-commerce giant Newegg and Yixing Logistics held a cooperation signing ceremony in Shanghai recently. Mr. Chen Gang, the person in charge of Newegg China, and Mr. Xu Ming, the president of Yixing Logistics China, attended this cooperation signing ceremony.

At this signing ceremony, the combination of Newegg Newegg and Yixing Logistics will surely become another important milestone for mutual benefit and mutual development of the cross-border e-commerce industry. Both parties will give full play to their respective leading advantages in cross-border e-commerce and cross-border logistics, empower high-quality Chinese brands, jointly promote the continuous upgrading and optimization of cross-border e-commerce logistics services, and help more Chinese brands and cross-border sellers to successfully go overseas North America.

2. JD Logistics and China Railway Container Corporation reached a strategic cooperation

According to news on May 19, JD Logistics recently held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony with China Railway Container Transport Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as China Railway Container Company).

According to the cooperation agreement, the two parties will make use of their accumulated operating experience in the integrated supply chain, railway freight, logistics information, technical equipment and other fields to jointly create international and domestic multimodal transport lines, and expand the market, transport organization, and stations. Intensify cooperation in construction and informatization upgrades to further promote the development of railway multimodal transport.

3. eBay released the “Big Goods, Heavy Goods and Excellent Products Plan”

According to news on May 19, yesterday, the first China (Ningbo) Export Cross-border E-commerce Expo and China (Zhejiang) Large Home Furnishing Cross-border E-commerce Expo were held. The cross-border export of large and heavy cargoes provides multi-level support programs ranging from logistics, product selection, flow to operation.

Among them, in order to reduce the actual operation difficulty of sellers, recently, eBay has further simplified the service standards and evaluation methods for overseas warehouses for large and heavy goods; for large and heavy goods products, eBay provides sellers with platform data support and traffic support.

4. A cumulative total of 38,000 China-Europe Express trains have reached 151 cities in 22 European countries

On May 19, the spokesperson of the National Development and Reform Commission Jin Xiandong said that up to now, the total number of China-Europe trains has reached 38,000, transporting 3.4 million TEUs of goods, and reaching 151 cities in 22 European countries. Logistics distribution network Covering the whole of Europe.

It is understood that in June 2016, the unified brand of China-Europe Railway Express was officially launched and opened. In April of this year, the China-Europe freight train opened 1,218, transporting 117,000 TEUs of goods, up 24% and 33% year-on-year respectively, and the combined heavy container rate was 98%, maintaining a steady and progressing development momentum.

5. Shopee Malaysia site launches Economy Delivery channel

On May 19, Shopee announced recently that in order to better serve Shopee cross-border sellers and enhance the competitiveness of products, Shopee Malaysia has launched an Economy Delivery channel.

According to the announcement, buyers of the Economy Delivery and heavy cargo channels in Malaysia pay the same freight. The fixed freight of the destination KV area is 0 Malaysian ringgit (MYR); the fixed freight of the destination NON KV area is 0.5 Malaysia. Ringgit.


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Post time: May-19-2021