Molybdenum oxide powder MoO3 Molybdenum trioxide

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White or pale yellow, transparent rhombic crystals. The density is 4.692g/cm3. Melting point 795°C. The boiling point is 1155°C (sublimation). It turns yellow when heated and recovers when cold. Even in the case of lower than the melting point, there is a significant sublimation phenomenon. Insoluble in water, soluble in ammonia and strong alkali. Reacts with alkali solutions and many metal oxides to generate molybdate and polymolybdate. It is prepared by burning molybdenite (MoS2) or adding hydrochloric acid to ammonium molybdate to precipitate molybdic acid and then heating and sintering. It can also be obtained by directly calcining ammonium molybdate. Used to make metal molybdenum and molybdenum compounds.



Used as a high-efficiency flame-retardant and smoke suppressant, it is more effective for chlorine-containing adhesives. The reference dosage of 0.5~~5.0 parts can reduce the amount of smoke by 30%~80% and increase the oxygen index by 10%~20%. Molybdenum compound and copper oxide, iron oxide: cadmium oxide, zinc oxide and other mixed use have a synergistic effect, and its smoke suppression effect is better than single MoO3. Domestic flame retardant and smoke suppressant are mostly a mixture of molybdenum oxide and ammonium molybdate.

Used as a raw material for the preparation of metallic molybdenum and molybdenum compounds. Used as a catalyst in the petroleum industry. It can also be used for enamel glaze pigments and medicines.



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