Lithium carbonate

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Synonyms Camcolit;Candamide;Carbolith;Carbolithium;Carbolitium;Carbonic acid lithium salt (Li2CO3);Ceglution;CP 15467-61
CAS 554-13-2
MW 73.89
EINECS 209-062-5
Melting point 720 °C
Boiling point 1342 °C(lit.)
density 2.11 g/mL at 25 °C

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Industrial lithium carbonate is used in the manufacture of other lithium salts, such as lithium chloride and lithium bromide and so on. It also acts as lithium oxide materials in enamel, glass, pottery and porcelain enamel, and it is also added to the electrolytic cell for electrolysis of aluminum to increase the current efficiency and reduce the internal resistance of the cell and the bath temperature.

Battery grade lithium carbonate is mainly used for the preparation of lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, ternary materials, lithium iron phosphate and other lithium ion battery cathode materials.

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Test Specification
 Appearance  White powder or colorless monoclinic crystal
Li2CO3 Content %  ≥99.9%
Impurities content %  
Na  ≤0.002%
 K  ≤0.001%
Mg  ≤0.001%
Ca  ≤0.003%
Al ≤0.0002%
Fe ≤0.0002%
Si ≤0.004%
Cu ≤0.0002%
Pb ≤0.0005%
SO4 ≤0.003%
Cl ≤0.002%
Mn ≤0.0005%
D50(um) 5um

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