Disinfection Sterilization Lanyard Protection Card Deodorant Sterilize Card

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Product Information :

Product name: Virus Block Out

Main ingredients: Sodium Chlorite, sustained-release gas, dehumanizer

Applicable users: children, adult, seniors

Applicable places: school, office, hospital, public transit, indoor, car etc.

Duration: About 60 days after opening


Product size: W76*H105*D5mm

Product weight: 29.8g

Net content : 5 g

Package:1pc/box 200pcs/carton

Carton size:43×32×32cm

Gross weight:6.58kg/carton

Content:Sterilization card×1,lanyard×1,Snap×1

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Product Features:

1.Invisible protective coverVarious bacteria are hidden in the air, and each person is an invisible source of release of microbes, especially in public places, it is easy to cross infection. Virus Block Out sterilization card, the portable belt can effectively sterilize the air, forming an invisible protective cover, so that you can not panic anytime, anywhere.2.Spatial sterilization for up to 60 days continuouslyWorking principle: After tearing the package, the sodium chlorite in the medicine package slowly binds the water in the air, carbon dioxide, and produces a small amount of chlorine oxide (ClO2), which can adsorb and pass through Shell eggs damage the nucleic acid (RNA or DNA) genome, effectively preventing the reproduction and reproduction of pathogens, and killing bacteria.

It has certain effect on the virus and is harmless to the human body, especially for the children and the elderly at home. If you wear it in the crowded area of the office of the shopping mall when you go to school and buy vegetables, the virus within 1 meter around can be eliminated.

3.Effective sterilization

Effectively kill: H1N1 influenza virus, Enterobacteriaceae, Staphylococcus aureus, Red moss, MRSA virus.

Reduce the number of harmful viruses, reduce virus activity, reduce allergic pollen activity, and effectively reduce bacteria, fungi, and viruses in the high incidence period of influenza and epidemic viruses.

Product features :

1. Wearable design, easy to use, can be used up to 60 days.

2. Sodium chlorate bag sealed in aluminum foil bag, preventing the inner material oxidized by leakage.

3. Safe and non-toxic. Products through the quality inspection center testing, with quality inspection report and MSDS certificate.

Applicable users and places:

Applicable users: children, adult, seniors

Applicable places: school, office, hospital, public transit, indoor, car etc.

Wardrobe: Hanging in the cupboard, it can replace camphor pills to sterilize and deodorize.

Bedroom: It can prevent mold, mites and odor in the house.

Car: Hanging in the car helps remove odor scent.

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