Chlorine Dioxide Virus Blocker Plus Air Disinfection

Short Description:

Product Name: Virus Block Out Sterilization Card

Main ingredients: sodium chlorite, slow-release agent for body, dehumidifier

Product features: portable sustained release type

Applicable objects: child, adult, person

Scope of application: schools, offices, hospitals, public transportation, indoor, indoor, etc.

Use time: about 30 days after unpacking

Specifications: Product size: 19 * 12 * 0.8CM

Product weight: 22g

Packing quantity: 260 bags

Packing size: 62 * 26 * 32CM

Packing weight: 5.8KG

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Product Description:

Chlorine dioxide is internationally recognized as a safe and non toxic green disinfectant. Chlorine dioxide is safer, more effective and stable than sodium hypochlorite Antibacterial effect of printed germs. The low concentration of chlorine dioxide gas is continuously released into the air in the sterilization card to purify the air around the body and achieve the function of the protective layer of human body. Crowded and flu seasons are better. Chlorine dioxide concentration below 100ppm has no effect on humans, and all bacterial propagules and many pathogenic bacteria can be killed at 0.1ppm.

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1. Invisible protective cover

Various bacteria are hidden in the air, and each person is an invisible release source of microscopic objects, especially in public places, it is easy to cross infection. Virus Block Out sterilization card, convenient to take, effective air sterilization, forming an invisible protective cover, let you not panic anytime, anywhere.

2. Sterilize in the air for 30 days without interruption

Working principle: After tearing the package, the sodium chlorite in the medicine package slowly combines with the water in air, carbon monoxide, producing a small amount of chlorine oxide (ClO2), which can adsorb and pass through the shell eggs of pathogens, damage the nucleic acid (RNA or DNA) genome, effectively prevent the reproduction and reproduction of pathogens, and achieve the purpose of killing pathogens.

3. Effective sterilization

Effectively kills: H1N1 influenza virus, Enterobacter spp., Staphylococcus aureus, Red moss Bacteria, MRSA virus. Without sterilization, it can also taste and remove mites. Effectively remove harmful or peculiar odors such as formaldehyde, ammonia, ammonia sulfide, benzene, etc., and can effectively kill mites.


Step 1: Tear off the aluminum film outer sealing bag, take out

the product with the air holes facing outward, and mark

the unpacking time on the back

Step 2: Install the attached lanyard on the top of the space

sterilization bag and hang it on your chest. You can also use it

on the classroom / desktop, or use your own clips on clothes

and backpacks.

Step 3: After unpacking for 30 days, you need to replace one




1. During use, the air holes should be exposed to the outside, and should not be covered for a long time:

Do not expose to rain or sweat,Use in high temperature or direct sunlight. Because of its bleaching effect,

please do not Use near objects.

2. Do not put this product in your pocket, please remove it when changing clothes or going to bed.

3. This product will corrode metal, so do not use it near metal.

4. Do not directly contact the skin, there may be a slight smell during use, please do not put it near the

nose and nose Inhale and discontinue use if you feel unwell; Consult your doctor for use.

5. Do not open the inner packaging to avoid leaking the contents. If leaking, please clean and wipe


6. Not edible! If swallowed, drink plenty of water to induce vomiting and seek medical treatment with this package; Rinse with plenty of water and bring the outer packaging to a doctor.

7. Please keep this product in a cool and dry place, away from infants and pets.

8. Children should use under the guidance of adults.

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