Chlorine Clean Portable Sterilization Card 

Short Description:

Product Name: Bacteriostatic Card

Specification: 5g net content [one piece]

Scope of action: Purity air in about 1m space.

Main ingredients: Precursor slow-release chlorine dioxide, coating agent, hygroscopic agent, etc.

Shelf life: 36 months without unpacking, about 60 days after unpacking.                                                                                                                                             Action Principle: This product uses the precursor slow-release chlorine dioxide technology, card components through the aluminum foil bag surface through the hole, in the preduced by acids, innovative slow-release technologies and special materials.

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Product features

Applicable to: children, adults, the elderly
Scope of application: school, office, hospital, public transport, indoor, car, etc
Usage time: about 60 days after unpacking
1. Invisible shield
With all kinds of bacteria lurking in the air, everyone is an invisible source of microbes, especially in public places, which are prone to cross-infection.
And the kangshi sterilizing card, convenient to carry, effective air sterilizing, forming invisible protective cover, let you do not panic anytime and anywhere.
2. The sterilization in the air has been continuous for 60 days
How it works: after the packaging is torn open, by slowly combining the water and carbon dioxide in the air, a tiny amount of ClO2 is produced. ClO2 can absorb and pass through the capsid protein of bacteria, damage the nucleic acid (RNA or DNA) genome, effectively prevent the replication and reproduction of bacteria, and kill bacteria.
3. Effective sterilization
Effective killing: H1N1 influenza virus, escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus.
Not only sterilize, but also to taste in addition to mites.
Effective removal of formaldehyde, ammonia, ammonia sulfide, benzene and other harmful or odor gas, and can effectively kill mites.
Product Discription

1.Wearable design, easy to use, 60 days after opening.
2.The chlorine dioxide package is sealed in the aluminum foil bag to ensure that chlorine dioxide is not leaked and oxidized.
3.Safe and non-toxic, safe to use.
4.Applicable target: both adults and children need to be able to protect their families from germs and eliminate the flu virus.

5.Longer and safer.Chlorine dioxide is an internationall recognized broad-spectrum bactericidal ingredient.
6.Usage: subway and shopping mall, office, hospital, school, indoor.
Multi – scene use, guard your clothing, food, shelter and transportation
Almirah: hang in almirah, can replace mothballs, divide bacterium divide flavour.
Bedroom: place inside house can prevent mildew, divide mite bug, divide stink.
Cars: hanging in your car helps to get rid of bad smells.

How to use:
1. Tear open the outer sealing bag of aluminum film, take out the product, and make the pores face out.
2. Write the start date.
3. Wear it on the chest like a work card or school card and replace it after 60 days.

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