99.99% YF3 Granule Yttrium Fluoride YF3 Pellet

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c0f85347 Applicable

Infrared low refractive index materials, Laser crystal materials, Upconversion fluorescence materials, etc muti-layer coating and optical coating.

c0f85347 Packaging Details

25kg/drum or according to customer's requirements.

c0f85347 Specification

Molecular Formula YF3
Purity(%) 99.99
Shape Granules
Specification (mm) 1-3mm,1-7mm or customized
Melting point (℃) 1155
Refractive Index (550nm) 1.53
Transmittance  Range (nm) 200-17000
Density (g/cm3) 5.1

The specifications are for reference only, the product can provide a variety of specifications based on.

c0f85347 Advantages

• Prices:we can quote best price due to we have factory.

• Quality:Products certificated with CNAS,CMA,SGS etc.

• Service:Strong R&D team and qualified engineers,good sales and after-sales departments to meet any customized requirements.

• Production capacity:Advanced production equipments with more than 300 workers to meet any ordered you make!

• Our outside market:USA,Argentina,Colombia,Brazil,Turkey,Spain, Russia,Singapore,Korea,Japan etc(Also cooperation with famours international groups:LG Group,Torrecid Group,3M,Yuber Group, Samsung Group and so on)

• Cooperation concept:Quality first,credit principal,reasonable price,customer uppermost.


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