3mol% YSZ Yttrium(Y2O3) Stabilized Zirconium Dioxide(ZrO2) White Powder Price With Binder 42% Transparency CAS 1314-23-4 EINECS

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Name:zirconium dioxide


CAS Accession :No. 1314-23-4

EINECS Accession :No. 215-227-2

Melting point :2700 ℃

Boiling point: 4300 ℃

Appearance:white odorless and tasteless crystals











It is used to repair the defective teeth or replace the defective or missing dentition

to restore its anatomical form, function and aesthetics, as well as materials used in

oral preventive health care and correction of deformities.














1. Small particle diameter, narrow distribution range, activity, stable.


2. Excellent liquidity and compactness, easy to mold and sinter.



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SOYI Group is a world leader in key surface treatment materials. We are dedicated


to advancing surface treatment, advanced ceramics, bioceramics, polishing


techniques,refractory materials at all stages of manufacturing spanning


nearly half a century, with state-of-the-art laboratories, manufacturing and


distribution in the US, Korea, India,Turkey and Russia regions facility support.
As a manufacturer and global distributor, Soyee Group aims to provide you with


the most advanced materials and production products. To ensure this, we are


committed to research and product development, maintaining an in-depth


understanding of the latest advances in various advanced materials technologies,


and continuing to conduct comprehensive field studies.




Soyi Group not only offers a wide range of high-quality products, but also uses


ceramic materials for all applications. Contact our customer service team or


schedule a consultation with an application engineer. As we have done for nearly


half a century, Soil is ready to meet your specific application needs quickly and


thoroughly, while always providing fast, reliable service and accurate technical









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